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Guide Latifa Asselouf has been titularized in March 2018 as Guide of natural spaces of the Kingdom of Morocco. You may see the official document here under. Very few women have had this honor because the contest is very selective and very physical. « Agrément numéro 964 délivré à Madame Latifa Asselouf par le Ministre du Tourisme, du Transport Aérien, de l’Artisanat et de l’Économie Sociale, Monsieur Mohammed SAJID ».

These are indicative prices or rates and may vary according to your wishes and the number of participants. However, they will allow you to estimate your budget. All prices are in Moroccan dirham but we may also accept Euro, Pounds sterling or US dollar.

Important: The Payment of all excursions is payable upon departure. If during the excursion supplements are required, they will be subject to an agreement between the guide and the client.

 Souk visit on Tuesday

Visit Amizmiz Souk

Visit Amizmiz Souk

Tajine at the souk

Tajine at the souk

With Guide Latifa Asselouf (or another guide in her team), you will visit Amizmiz Souk. Starting around 10 am, you will venture into the intricacies of the Berber market to discover its different aspects: artisans, farmers, butchers, rug-weavers, and so on …

At this souk, vendors from the big city provide goods otherwise unavailable to those living in remote areas. In return, Berber villagers supply fruits, vegetables and handcrafted goods. The rugs and pottery you will find here were probably created by the people selling them. This bazaar is a good bet to avoid mass-produced tourist trinkets.

You may share a lunch with your guide around 1pm at the Tajine Stall (this is optional – and delicious).

Duration: 3 hours without lunch.
Duration: 4 hours with lunch Tajine/Water/Tea.

Ask for Price which may include taxi from Marrakech to Amizmiz and back : latifa.asselouf@gmail.com


One day trek in the mountain

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