Latifa Asselouf
Moroccan official guide

You may contact Guide Latifa Asselouf using the form below. She will answer you as quickly as possible. Of course, if she is at the moment trekking in the mountains, her response may take more than a few days. If your inquiry is urgent, you may try to reach her on her cell phone : +212 615 923 142 (WhatsApp on the same number)

Using the form below, you can ask Guide Latifa Asselouf for a quotation. Try to be as specific as possible :

  • When do you intend to start/end your trek ?
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  • Would you prefer an easy, medium or hard route ?
  • and so on.

The more precise your demand, the more precise her answer. Do not forget that Guide Latifa Asselouf may need to build a team for your comfort and safety if you want to hike over several days. The team usually includes one muleteer for 2 or 3 people and if you are more than six, a cook to help her prepare the food.

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    Veuillez prouver que vous êtes humain en sélectionnant le camion.

    Guide Latifa Asselouf has been titularized in March 2018 as Guide of natural spaces of the Kingdom of Morocco. You may see the official document here under. Very few women have had this honor because the contest is very selective and very physical. « Agrément numéro 964 délivré à Madame Latifa Asselouf par le Ministre du Tourisme, du Transport Aérien, de l’Artisanat et de l’Économie Sociale, Monsieur Mohammed SAJID ».

    Latifa Asselouf speaking with the Minister of Tourism, Aviation, Traditional Industry and Socio-Economy, Mr. Mohammed Sajid
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